Doncaster based technical engineering company has invested in production of medical masks with high quality and certified material, creating jobs and supporting local businesses.

SMTXtra is a family owned business, well established globally in the electrical products and engineering service since 2007. They pride themselves on integrity and quality of their products, but moreover team spirit and giving back to the community. The company invested in production lines of medical masks in May and is finalizing the reconstruction of its warehouse to ensure a safe and sterile environment to produce up to 1,7 million mask’s per month by the end of August 2020.

The owner of the company Sean Cassidy had said:" When we bought face masks for our employees to protect them in April, we were shocked at how unsafe and of poor quality they were." 

This was a wake-up call for producing high quality protective face masks that would be safe and easily supplied to national stores and NHS organizations. 

Amongst the company's main objectives is to be competitive on price, while offering superior quality products manufactured right here, in Yorkshire, to lessen the reliance on inferior quality imported masks from Asia.

Many other organizations and government bodies struggled to get an effective and quick supply of protective equipment earlier this year. SMTXtra acted on this demand as quickly as possible as it has capacities and engineers to build and expand in Personal protective equipment and general face masks. Supplying and supporting businesses nationally is now more important than ever, thus SMTXtra found PPEXtra brand that will be focusing on medical protective equipment, creating jobs and opportunities whilst giving back to the local community.

"Bring the manufacturing back to England, where you can expect high quality and great service, we can’t rely on other suppliers anymore."  Richard Barnsley, the Sales Manager said. Currently, the NHS is buying 80% of their protective equipment from China.[1]

As the number of unemployed people in England rises every day, PPEXtra is building skilled worker jobs with adequate salaries as it values its employee’s wellbeing, integrity and diversity. Despite the national lockdown, the companies team spirit has remained high, along with their passion for delivering products to other customers around the globe which in turn has contributed to the creation of jobs and allowed them to protect the local community.

PPEXtra will start manufacturing by the end of august and start selling to local retailers and online to begin with. With plans to expand to large retailers and the US market, as their US central office is in Tennessee.

Until new and effective vaccines are available, there will be a risk of getting infected. The world can only get back to normal as protection and regulations allow us. Lowering the risk of spreading Covid-19, is how SMTXtra wants to play a major role in the fight with this global virus. Wearing a mask protects both others from the illness and yourself from catching the virus from carriers.